Nautical Décor and Your Home

Nautical Décor and Your Home

Nautical Decor Tips for Your home from Variety Home Decor

Every space throughout your home craves the benefit of decorative touches. Nautical décor can take your guests to the calm of the ocean breeze and warm sand under their feet. Check out these décor ideas from Variety Home Décor.

 Nautical Decor Living Room Tips from Variety Home Decor 

If you want your guest to really enjoy your décor choice, try using a statement piece. Using pieces like a ship's wheel, freestanding globe or a highly detailed model ship can easily become a focal point. Do not forget your living room! Try using some nautical throw pillows and simple wall decor to round out your room.

Nautical Decor tips for your bedroom from Variety Home Decor The beautiful pastel shades of nautical décor allows you to create your very own beach front oasis. We love using historical nautical reproduction lamps and nautical charts throughout. The addition Sea glass will maximize your enjoyment of the abundance of soft colors throughout your bedroom.
Nautical Decor tips for your dinning room from Variety Home Decor Your family and friends probably enjoy this room the most. With little distraction from quality conversations, nautical décor can set the calm mood. From Nautical place settings and accents to ringing your brass ship’s bell for dinner. Have fun, make it your own, and others will enjoy it.
Nautical Decor Bathroom Tips from Variety Home Decor If you are after a fun beach cottage feel, use small marine decorations in your bathroom. Fill a decorative basket of your favorite shells. Porthole mirrors are also great choices. 
Nautical Decor Tips for your Kitchen from Variety Home Decor Things often get messy in the kitchen, boating items, which are usually waterproof, are easy to clean. Add fun touches throughout the room by replacing the kitchen clock with a port hole clock. Additionally, adding nautical wall décor like oars and rustic beach signs to the walls, accents the room and brings character.